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Tube Savers - 3/8" Southeast Overland


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Southeast Overland

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A Tube Saver works great when you need to quickly attach a winch line or other static pull device to a tubular surface such as a roll cage, tube slider, or tube bumper.

Each Tube Saver is made from 3/8" Samson's Amsteel Blue, Dyneema SK-75 fiber, and comes with a section of whipped abrasion guard in the middle of the Tube Saver. This is the portion of the Tube Saver that should come in contact with the mounting point (roll cage, slider, etc).

Both ends of the Tuber Saver have a loop which must be connected to a hook or shackle securely. Make sure the abrasion guard in the middle of the Tube Saver is in the middle of the mounting point. Do not choke the Tube Saver. The spliced portion should never come it contact with the tube or other alternative point.

When a Tuber Saver is loaded the Amsteel Blue® material may become stiff and the point where the Tuber Saver was in contact with attachment points may flatten – this is allowable as long as the Tuber Saver is not damaged – see information below about when to replace a Tuber Saver.

Tuber Savers should be used on smooth, round, non-angular surfaces. Do not place Tuber Savers around sharp objects. Not for lifting use or use during any life saving operations. Do not use for dynamic (snatch) recoveries or applications. Do not shock load Tuber Savers. Do not exceed the WLL of Tuber Savers. Do not attach a Tuber Saver to any device that has a diameter smaller than 1”.

When to replace a Tube Saver.

Discard the Tuber Saver if it becomes contaminated with a chemical, frayed, knotted, experiences a broken strand, or anything occurs which could weaken the strength of the Tuber Saver. Contact Southeast Overland LLC with questions. When in doubt discontinue use of this or any vehicle recovery device and contact Southeast Overland LLC.

For liability reasons, load bearing recovery gear my not be returned or exchanged.

Southeast Overland llc disclaims all liability and responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur when using a recovery product sold by Southeast Overland. Recovery of a vehicle involves extreme loads and can result in injury and death. Please seek professional instruction in the proper use of recovery gear.

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