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Apache Offroad’s Full Rear Control Arm and Panhard Bar Set is  engineered to provide maximum protection against damage,  maximize travel, increase rear axle articulation, and correct rear axle alignment when installed on lifted trucks and in long travel applications. Our Upper Control Arms feature an offset design that helps to eliminate binding that is common among many aftermarket brands as well as the factory Control Arms, due to the location and design of the fuel tank on these trucks.  Our Panhard bar correctly re-center’s the axle, correcting is factory position after a lift has been installed; as well as significantly increasing its strength. Our Control Arms are ideal for trucks with 1-3.5″ lifts installed and they are KDSS compatible. 


2 Rear Lower Fixed Control Arms

2 Rear Upper Fixed Control Arms

1 Rear Fixed Panhard Bar (Only available with poly bushings)(This bar does not exercise the level of articulation that the upper and lower control arms do, and therefor a poly bushing / joint is sufficient in this application)

Our Control Arms are fixed to alleviate potential common issues seen in adjustable Control Arms; such as separation caused by a loosening jam nut. Our Control Arms do not require frequent / regular maintenance.  To top it off, our Control Arms are fully rebuildable when the time comes, and feature a limited lifetime warranty against damage. If you bend or break one of our Control Arms, we will replace it!

As you might know, we are huge proponents of manufacturing products in the USA and going overkill with steel thickness, no exception here. We know what it feels like to be stranded in the  middle of nowhere due to an inferior part. Factory Control Arms and many aftermarket Control Arms are prone to trail damage and bending due to the fact that they are not built for offroad abuse and are too thin.

All of our Control Arms are fabricated out of DOM Heavy Wall Tube; not a marketing gimmick, just the real deal:

Lower Control Arms- 1.5″x .375″ DOM Tube

Upper Control Arms- 1.25″ x .120″ DOM Tube

Panhard Bar- 1.25″ x .313″ DOM Tube

To put this in perspective- Most rock sliders are made out of .120 wall tube, with many brands being made out of Hot Rolled (HREW) tube, which is not as strong as DOM and quite a bit less expensive to use in manufacturing.

Lets talk about joints and bushings. The factory style rubber joint, is a great joint style for ride comfort and vibration dampening; but it falls short in the articulation category. The Factory rubber joints are in essence a rubber bushing fused to a steel core. Since the steel core is fused to the bushing, when the axle moves, it stretches and twists the rubber. Once we start demanding more out of the truck in terms of articulation, this becomes a limiting factor, as there is limited movement allowed by the bushings design. Over time the added stress will deteriorate and tear the rubber causing the joint to fail.

Our Control Arms are available with two joint/bushing options: Polyurethane and the MetalCloak Duroflex Joint.


Poly bushings are our least expensive joint / bushing option available. They are commonly used in aftermarket applications such as front upper control arms, and are quite popular in the racing world because of their firmer  and long lasting nature. They do absorb some vibration, but not as well as the factory bushings nor the Duroflex joints. They are great for on/offroad use, though do not allow for as much articulation as the Duroflex joints do. They are also easily replaceable and low cost. The downside is that poly is prone to squeaking and must be lubricated every so often. A grease zerk is conveniently located at each end of our Control Arms to make greasing them a breeze.

MetalCloak Duroflex Joint:

If your goal is to maximize travel and articulation in the rear axle, but still want on-road driveability, these are the joints you want. The Duroflex joint combines the benefits of the factory style rubber joint with the flexibility found in heim style joints, generally used in the racing and heavy duty offroad rigs. These joints offer a ton of unrestricted movement, do not require grease for quite operation, and absorb vibrations better than Polyurethane bushings. They are also easy to replace, though are more costly when compared to Poly bushings.

OEM Style Clevite Joint
  • High Vibration Dampening
  • Self-Centering
  • Fused at Center Bushing
    (No Bearing Surface Wear)
Typical Flex Joint
  • High Transverse Flex
  • High Rotational Flex
  • Rebuildable
MetalCloak Duroflex Joint
  • High Vibration Dampening
  • Self-Centering
  • Fused Center Bushing
    (No Bearing Surface Wear)
  • High Transverse Flex
  • High Rotational Flex
  • Rebuildable

Powder Coat Options:

Bronze – The Bronze is a Deep Metallic Bronze with Gold Metal Flake, It looks incredible in our opinion. Depending on how the light hits it, it may look darker or lighter. 

Black- Just your standard Black Powder Coat

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Apache Offroad Rear Control Arms and Panhard bars have a limited lifetime warranty against breakage. The warranty does not apply to the joints, bushings, or powder coat as these are wear items. Metal Cloak does offer a 1 year warranty. Should you bend or break one of our Control Arms we will replace it. Please email us pictures and a message regarding what happened at along with your original order number / invoice. The warranty applies to the original purchaser, when purchased from Apache Offroad Inc, or an Authorized Dealer.

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Black, Bronze

Joint Type

Duroflex Joints, Polurethane Bushings

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