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Motobilt Jeep CJ Mid Width Front Bumper


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The Motobilt 42" wide Jeep CJ front bumper is considered a mid width bumper. It is wider than a stubby but shorter than the full width factory length bumpers. The bumper is designed to fit the Jeep CJ from 1976 to 1986. The bumper is 3D CAD designed and formed for precision fit. The bumper is fabricated from 3/16" steel plate. The 3/4" thick steel d-ring mounts are included with the bumper. They pass through the bumper and are welded on both sides for superior strength.  The bumper features an integrated winch plate.  Optional equipment for the bumper are listed in the drop down menus including the winch fairlead mount, the tube stinger, and the LED Light Bar Mount and Light. As with all other Motobilt bumpers we ship them bare steel.  You will need to paint or powdercoat to the color of your choice. Made in the USA.

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