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Synthetic Winch Line Dog Leashes - 7/64"


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Southeast Overland

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Southeast Overland now offers Amsteel Blue dog leashes! Let's see your dog snap one of these!

These leashes are made with same rope as our synthetic winch lines with a hand loop on one end and a snap attachment (typical for a dog leash) on the other. They hand loop includes a piece of winch line abrasion guard to help cushion your hand and wrist if your dog pulls hard, and the small but tough snap has been tested to hold 200 lbs. They are made with brand new Amsteel Blue synthetic winch line. Custom lengths are available in 2' increments, add $1.40 per additional foot. Every leash has a locked brummel splice on each end. Available in orange, silver and blue. Materials (except snap) and splicing are all made and assembled in the US!

*Please note that these synthetic winch line leashes will fade over time. Simply rinse hands with warm soap and water should discoloration occur.

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