Hello From Southeast Overland

Hello From Southeast Overland

A Name You Recognize With a Family That Cares

by Morgan Lytle

The name of the business is the same; Southeast Overland but things have changed and for the better! This is our first of many monthly newsletters to come out. If you haven’t already please pull out your blaster and melt that SUBSCRIBE button now. We will be updating you on our latest and greatest news, builds, events and you certainly don’t want to miss out on any promos we might happen to run.

So we wanted to start this blog/newsletter off with a Welcome & Thank You! If you are new to us, or just new to joining the new ownership we’d like to say Welcome, and of course Thank You! Thank You to those who continue to support us here at Southeast Overland and what we are setting out to accomplish.

Community around Business

We would like to start off by introducing ourselves to you. We are Morgan, Danny and Ashton Lytle; we are your new owners of Southeast Overland. We are a family that loves getting involved in our offroad community. We do not just sell, and install products at Southeast Overland, we build a community of others helping others while also able to offer great quality products and make well seasoned suggestions on what would work best for you and your style of offroading. We love including others into the hobby and considering some even so close we call them family. This extends throughout the business, if you have ever had any dealings with Southeast Overland you would see this exemplified in Jeff. We can’t give Jeff all the spotlight here, look for Jeff’s introduction blog article to come soon…wink wink (pushing Jeff away from the keys).

Our Introduction

Danny grew up working in the industrial electrical field and achieved Journey Man status. While working in the field Danny sustained an injury on the job which would take him out of the field and ultimately land him in electrical sales. Taking this time to work with sales Danny was able to learn more about running a business, but like anyone; Danny was wanting to get back into the field and away from the desk. Danny would ultimately get out from behind this desk and the normal 9am-5pm job when they made the family decision to purchase Southeast Overland.

Morgan grew up working on Scouts with her dad and has a love for art, photography and the outdoors. Morgan has been honing her photography skills for the better part of 15 years and counting now. Starting with her photography before even being involved in the offroading world, she smoothly transitions into the offroading photography with ease. If you haven’t yet; be sure to check out Morgan’s personal Instagram @FJMAMA1 and take notice of the amazing photos and personality that Morgan has. Morgan has become a very active and large supporter of all things Female driven in this offroading community. Check out the blog article from Morgans amazing story and experience as part of the Rebelle Rally.

Morgan and Danny both share a love for the outdoors, and always include their son Ashton. Ashton can be found frequently in the shop, outdoors and getting into trouble with Danny and Jeff inside the shop during shenanigans that Morgan is more than likely to capture on camera. Morgan and Danny made the decision together over 6 years ago to purchase their Toyota FJ Cruiser. Purchasing their FJ Cruiser just exploded them into the Overlanding and offroad adventure travel further. Building upon their strong family values and the love for sharing time together and getting outside for their family vehicle based adventures, Morgan and Danny made the decision to purchase Southeast Overland and strive to set themselves apart from any other offroad shop. Morgan and Danny are always looking to give back to their community.

Changing a Mindset

Offroading and the community that comes from Overlanding is growing more and more, and these days it just seems that there are more businesses with the mindset of profit and selling than contributing to the community and those in this hobby with their knowledge and understanding as well as quality parts. So Welcome to Southeast Overland, where we first Thank You for coming in, listen to what you have or need help with and then go about helping you solve the problem the best way possible.

A Community Mindset

Working together with the Ladies Offroad Network in December of 2018, we joined the annual Can Drive and already plan to make this an ongoing annual event. We are currently working with a new off-road park in the Greenville, South Carolina area. We need good places to ride and these guys at Kingdom Jeep do more than just maintain this off-road park. We couldn’t be happier to partner with folks in this community that are not-for-profit, a Tread Lightly attitude and keep things family based in this community. Be sure to come out to the Kingdom Jeep park in Greenville, South Carolina in May 2019 where Morgan will be giving a “Get to Know your Rig” class!

Looking to the Future

Morgan, Danny & Jeff have so many plans for the future of Southeast Overland, so many we can not list them all here. Morgan & Danny will continue to be part of this community and strive at making this business more around the customer and the community. Teaching class and hosting events, attending upcoming community events with not-for-profits and being part of the events themselves. The aspirations of this shop are endless with the strong core values they hold at Southeast Overland. The entire team of Southeast Overland would like to thank you for your continued support. Your continued support and encouragement is what drives Morgan & Danny to keep pushing forward. It’s not easy these days to keep a business going, but with the dedication you continue to show Southeast Overland we know the future here with you will be brighter than ever! Checkout us out on the web Southeast Overland, follow us on social media, come out and meet us at an event and let’s get out on the trail together.