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Adjustable CV Band Replacements - 1 axle - FJ 07-14, Tacoma 95-18+ , 100 Series 97-07, 4Runner 86-18+


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Fully adjustable direct replacement part for leaky CV boot bands. This kit includes enough adjustable CV bands for one axle = 2 small and 2 large. Easy to install and can be done without removal of your CV axle. Marine quality stainless steel with an upward curl on the edges to help prevent the band from cutting into your CV boot. Designed with a narrower band than most clamps to fit neatly into the recessed area on your CV axle boot and a  high quality tightening mechanism that can be adjusted with a socket, wrench or flat head screw driver.

This package contains 2 large bands and 2 small bands which = enough to replace all CV bands on 1 axle. Upgrade to the 2 axle kit and receive enough bands for both CV axles PLUS 1 FREE SMALL AND 1 FREE LARGE BAND FOR TRAIL SPARES! Installation instructions with pictures are provided with each purchase.

Vehicle Fitment Guide: (Depending on the modifications.)

  • Toyota FJ Cruiser - All years 2007-2014
  • Toyota Tacoma - All years 1995-2018+
  • Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser - All years 1997-2007
  • Toyota 4Runner - All years 1986-2018+
  • Any vehicle with CV band diameters of 1.0" - 1.635" (inner/smaller) and 3.5" - 4.375" (outer/larger)
Approximate install time 30 minutes per axle. Actual time can vary depending on the mechanic and condition of vehicle.

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