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'Baby' Soft Shackles - 7/64" Southeast Overland -2,530 lbs- All Lengths


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Southeast Overland

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A 7/64" 'baby' soft shackle made from 100% US spun & woven materials then spliced & tied in the US. 1 3/8" inner diameter. Strong, silent and quick to operate. Available in many diameters and lengths. 

Can be used for numerous applications from rigging recovery to attaching items to your kit. Comes in orange and dark charcoal colors.

Incredibly strong for it's weight. ABS 632, 4:1 SF, 2,530 WLL. Berry & TAA compliant.

Not for lifting use or use during any life saving operations.

For liability reasons, load bearing recovery gear my not be returned or exchanged.

Southeast Overland disclaims all liability and responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur when using a recovery product sold by Southeast Overland. Recovery of a vehicle involves extreme loads and can result in injury and death. Please seek professional instruction in the proper use of recovery gear.

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