Lifetime LED Headlights high output

LED high output headlights
List Price: $249.00
Our price: $224.10
You Save: $24.90
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Headlight Trade In

Manufacturer: Lifetime LED

This next generation LED headlights is brighter and more controlled than the previous model. The CREE LEDs produce 3200 lm on low beam and 3600 lm on high beam (each bulb), making them brighter than most HID headlights on the market. There is no need to run a harness to power these (like you have to with HID). These com with a error cancelling harness for all CANBUS systems.


LED highlights are brighter than stock bulbs and use significantly less energy.

These are backed by Lifetime LED's lifetime warranty.

No relay harness is required, plug directly in to the factory socket. May cause radio interference.

Price is for a pair.


Note: For vehicles that require a separate bulb for high and low beam you will need to order two sets of bulbs. Be sure to order the correct bulb sizes per your owners manual for each beam type.

Please check to make sure you order the correct Bulb Size.

If your DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) use less than 10v then your DRLs will not function with these headlights. Your DRLs must be disconnected. Using DRLs will void your warranty.

Custom CREE chip

Output Power: 70W

Voltage: DC12V - DC24V

Lumens: 3200 LM low beam & 3600 LM high beam

Life-Span: more than 30,000 hrs

Color Temp.: 6500 K

Construction: Copper and Aluminum

Cooling: Aluminum heat sink with fan

80% energy savings over halogen bulb

Voltage: DC10V - DC32V



If you have purchased a set of Lifetime LED 2000 lm regular output headlights and would like to upgrade we are offering a $80 trade in credit for you.

Here is how the trade in program works...

  1. Order your new high output headlights.
  2. Send back your current Lifetime LED regular output headlights with a copy of your receipt to Lifetime LED Lights. Off Road Industries, 224 South Main St Rear, Canandaigua NY 14424.
  3. Receive $80 credit to your PayPal account or via check once Lifetime LED receives your lights and sends approval to Southeast Overland llc.
  4. Enjoy your brighter headlights!
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