3/4" ARB Red Pin Shackle

3/4" ARB Red Pin shackles.
List Price: $11.70
Our price: $11.12
You Save: $0.58
Manufacturer: ARB

The importance of D shackles in particular cannot be underestimated for vehicle recovery, indeed for most 4x4s, the d shackle is how you attach the strap to the vehicle. we have a range of D shackles that cater for the largest heavy duty trucks to the smallest SUV. This shackle is rated for 10,640 lbs.

Used for standard Off-Road Truck.


Southeast Overland disclaims all liability and responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur when using a recovery product sold by Southeast Overland. Recovery of a vehicle involves extreme loads and can result in injury and death. Please seek professional instruction in the proper use of recovery gear.

For liability reasons, load bearing recovery gear my not be returned or exchanged.

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