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Rocking K Cap Wrench

An American-made wrench that allows easy removal of tight caps on Scepter MFC/jerry cans.
List Price: $34.95
Our price: $34.95
Manufacturer: Rocking K

When Scepter brand MFCs/jerry cans are subjected to changes in temperature and/or elevation they often become extremely difficult to open - to the point where they cannot be opened without some sort of tool assistance.  The Rocking K Cap Wrench was created to make this a problem of the past.  The underside of this tool features a uniquely shaped recess that has been designed to firmly capture the ten-pointed design of the cap without pinching the retainer strap.  A thru-hole allows you to easily align the retainer strap and enables you to use the tool with your pour nozzles.  The wrench is machined from solid HDPE plastic which is strong, durable and should provide many years of dependable service.  Rocking K Cap Wrenches are made in the USA by a small, USA owned company. All wrenches include a two year limited warranty.

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