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1976 Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser, aka: The Pig

This truck has an interesting life story which has been published in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Toyota Trails. A sneak peak of the article is available online here.


Here is a brief list of the Trail Pig's modifications.

  • Sprung-over-axle suspension lift with custom low-arch springs
  • 35" BFG MTR tires on 15" wagon wheels
  • Iron Pig front bumper
  • Warn 8274 winch with Amsteel Blue synthetic line
  • Rear homebrew dual swing-outs utilizing parts from Iron Pig Off-Road for a spare tire, gas and water can
  • FJ60 birfs and knuckles
  • Hi-steer
  • Yakima roof rack (triple load bars) with two baskets
  • 100 sqft of QuietCrap sound deadener
  • Cobra CB
  • SPOT Emergency GPS
  • Garmin Road GPS - typical little unit
  • 48" Hi-Lift mounted on rear rack
  • 2 low transfer mod so I can run low range in two wheel drive
  • Rebuilt 2F motor by Atlanta Custom Creations with a Downey Torquer Cam and valve springs
  • Rear custom storage and sleeping solution
  • Downey ceramic coated header
  • Custom exhaust with a FlowMaster 40-series muffler
  • Tons of rusty sheet metal replaced
  • Iron Pig front seats
  • Tuffy front center console
  • Axe and shovel stored in rear cargo area
  • Tools and spare parts

Coming soon

  • Front axle rebuild and an ARB locker and full cromo axles and birfs
  • Sliders will be reinforced and tied to the frame
  • Atlas dual transfer case
  • New tranny shifter boot (ripped during 2010 UP Overland trek)
  • New windshield washer pump (went kaput during 2010 UP Overland trek)


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